Kolander Bar-B-Que Company!

Home-Style Taste! Try our Ghost Sauce, named One of the Best Bar-B-Que Sauces in the Country! Amazing flavor! No other sauces like it!

   About us  

 Photography by Angeline Andrade

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About Us
We are a local family owned business in the Woodinville,WA. We are truly blessed to be able to share our yummy sauce with others.
We are thankful for our friends and families that have been so supportive in our new business venture.

Kolander Bar-B-Que Company LLC, was a venture that began years ago when Sean was growing up.
His Father, Eugene Kolander, started teaching Sean how to cook at age 7.
His Father taught him how to cook all kinds of different foods, and taught him how to be able to know how to create your own imaginative ideas. Like Bar-B-Q sauce! Sean enjoys Bar-B-Q all year long, and has creative ideas that come together well! He has worked on perfecting Kolander Bar-B-Que sauce for the past several years. Getting down the right styles - down to a perfection- making them delicious! Our Sauce is individually handcrafted, and not mass produced. This is what makes it such an awesome tasting sauce.  It's full of flavor and leaves a yummy after taste making you want more!  
Our logo, the Circle 7-K, is Sean's Father's brand. It represents 7-Kolander's. Sean honor's the Kolander family name by using his Father's Brand as the logo for Kolander
Bar-B-Que Company -
Sean's Sister Michelle encouraged Sean to market his sauce, and sell it to the public. Something this good- needs to be shared!

"We hope everyone that tries our Bar-B-Que sauce loves it just as much as we do!
Named one of the Country's Best BBQ Sauces!                                                                                  

"We moved away from Woodinville about 6 months ago and have tried at least a dozen different BBQ sauces since we moved. We have not found anything we like as much as your product. The whole family is glad that we'll have "real" BBQ sauce once again."
JB and family - Utah 2012

"I must say that Kolander's is the best BBQ sauce I have ever had. It has a true, authentic, grown-up flavor and can be used on just about everything. Our kids love the Little Buddy sauce! Once you have Kolander's, you will realize that all those sauces in the aisle at the supermarket are just a bland, runny mess. If you have taste buds, you'll love Kolander's BBQ."  Troy- Kirkland, WA

"We used your sauce when we grilled, and we thought it was great! I loved the flavor on the ribs! Living in Minnesota makes us tough, so we grill all year long!!" 
Koke and Carol- Jackson, MN


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