Kolander Bar-B-Que Company!

Home-Style Taste! Try our Ghost Sauce, named One of the Best Bar-B-Que Sauces in the Country! Amazing flavor! No other sauces like it!

Kolander Bar-B-Que Company!

Kolander Bar-B-Que Sauce is Handcrafted Gourmet Bar-B-Q Sauce!  
Kolander Bar-B-Que Sauce- It's the tasty sauce that sticks to your food, and adds that special finishing touch to Bar-B-Q! Our sauce is stirred to perfection, with the heavenly taste
that you just can't get enough of. It leaves you wanting more!

Special this week Original Sauce 6.50 each offer good until 1/16/2015!
Original 15oz

Original, popular & delicious! A mild kick of cayenne -It's a 4 on the hot scale from 1-10- Full flavor!It's just right for Bar-B-Q sauce
$6.50 each.

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Habanero 15oz

One of our most popular sauces! Good kick of Heat-smooth, & full of the Habanero flavor. It's a 5 on a hot scale from 1-10.The heat builds-with each bite,but it's not overwhelming. It will leave your taste buds watering for more!

$7.95 each  

Little Buddy 15oz

Mild with no kick of heat. Just perfect for Kids, & those who want flavorful & mild taste in Bar-B-Q Sauce.

$7.95 each Currently Out of Stock-Please check with our Retail Partners.
The Ghost! 15oz Currently Out of Stock-Please check with our Retail Partners.

Named as one of the Country's Best Bar-B-Q Sauces! By Taste of the South Magazine. Won Austin Texas Man up Texas Sauce contest in 2012.
The Bhut Jolokia Chili Pepper.
A HOT Bar-B-Q sauce packed with flavor! This isn't HOT SAUCE folks! it's Bar-B-Q sauce. A Good kick of heat! So if you are into good heat in a sauce full of flavor-then The Ghost is the one for you!

$10.00 each

Sweet Orange-Mango! 15oz -Seasonal

A Seasonal favorite. A different taste than the rest. It has an orange base. A sweet taste of mango and orange. SO good on poultry, chicken, almost anything!

$8.00 each 
Named as one of the Country's Best BBQ Sauces! The Award Winning "The Ghost!" 
In Austin, TX in 2012 The Ghost was entered in the Man Up Texas- Gettin' Sauced Contest 2012. It took 1st Place in the Spicy category. Our Ghost sauce ishot, but we made it so you can still taste your food. 
It has a great kick of heat, that doesn't last for hours on end, but has a great kick of heat, packed with flavor! Remember- it's not HOT sauce, it's Bar-B-Que sauce made with Home-Style Taste from the Kolander's!
So if you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out-Order some today!

Featured in the May/June edition for Taste of The South, naming "The Ghost" one of the Country's best Barbeque sauces! 
Be sure to check out this magazine for all the very yummy food ideas for the grill/outdoor & right in your own kitchen!
Check-out The Bar-B-Q issue, you can find the digital version on their website,or subscribe to the magazine! 

hat makes Kolander Bar-B-Q Sauce different from the rest of the other sauces out there? 
Full of flavor that you look for in Bar-B-Q sauce.We are a local manufacture in the Woodinville area. 
You cannot find Kolander Bar-B-Que Company in your local grocery stores.Kolander Bar-B-Que sauces are Specialty & Gourmet Bar-B-Q Sauces are found 
only in a handful of select store fronts.Check-out our Retail page for where you can purchase our Famous Sauce!


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